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The earth the evil,We dont need to grieve for it~ 《论语宪问》:“或曰:‘以德报怨,何如?’子曰:'何以报德?以直报怨,以德报德。’”  “以德报怨”最早出自《老子》六十三章:“大小多少,报怨以德。”  又见,《警世通言.苏知县罗衫再合》:“又将白金百两,送与庵中老尼,另封白银十两,付与老尼启建道场,超度苏二爷朱婆及苏胜夫妇亡灵,这叫做‘以直报怨,以德报德’。”


How One Man Wants to Free North Korea With USB Drives and Pirated Movies

North Korea is a quietly desolate otherworld, at least as far as we outsiders can tell from the bits and pieces of untouched, unpropagandized media that occasionally leak out . The key to freeing it? It could be sneaking American media in. Wired talked to one of the men who does it, and his story is fascinating.

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14 New Emojis For Every Awkward Situation In Your Life

Talking to people is hard, guys!

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2013 年,一款仅有 4×4英寸(10厘米),被称为 CubeSats 立方体卫星投入研究,希望将人们拉入一场外太空的革命,打造出每个人都可以负担得起的私人卫星。2015年,这家主导新型微卫星 CubeSats 的背后公司 Ardusat 获得了 100 万美元的种子轮投资,投资方为Spire,Fresco Capital,Space Florida 等。

目前,Ardusat 主要业务是针对初高中学生的 STEM 教育方面。学生可以使用 Ardusat 的卫星以及提供的 Space Kits 做一些有趣的实验,例如测算干旱到底多大程度影响了加州,又或者是跟踪云层中的雷电变化情况,当然想要研究雾霾也是可以的。所有的实验数据都是由 CubeSats 提供,这些微型的卫星通过更大的卫星发射至太空,以每秒 5 英里的速度绕地球运动,收集数据。

现在,Ardusat 的 STEM 教育服务在价格上也十分 “温馨”。一个独立的 Space Kit 的价格是 150 美元,可以服务 3- 5名学生;而对于学校等机构来说,还有 Classroom Launch Pack,包含 7 套Space Kit, 售价为 2500 美元。 每套包含了:电路板和传感器(连接到 CubeSats 卫星)、还有Arduino Uno,测量光线、温度、UV光线的传感器和一个陀螺仪。

正如 Ardusat CEO Sunny Washington 所说的那样:


在硬件设备之外,Ardusat 还提供 25 个不同的课程教案,来帮助教育工作者去分享“Space Kit”的资源优势。目前,Ardusat 已经在 44 所国家中实践他们的课程,并且还搭建了一个平台,鼓励学校的学生和老师去分享他们的实验,帮助更多的地方孩子参与到这场科技进步所带来的学习变革中来。Ardusat 所在的犹他州空气质量差,孩子们利用Space Kits开发了一套监测系统,恩,我觉得北京的孩子也可以玩。

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Teen Allegedly Urged Friend To Kill Himself, Then Tweeted How Much She Missed Him

Michelle Carter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly encouraging Conrad Roy to commit suicide last year.

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20 Reasons You Should Never Visit Maryland

It’s literally the worst.

Some say that Maryland is pretty.

Some say that Maryland is pretty.


But, as you can see, there’s nothing pretty about it.

But, as you can see, there's nothing pretty about it.


Seriously, you should definitely stay away from Maryland.

Seriously, you should definitely stay away from Maryland.


There’s absolutely nothing to do in the entire state. Literally nothing.

There's absolutely nothing to do in the entire state. Literally nothing.


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Data Breach At Uber May Affect Up To 50,000 Drivers

Driver’s license numbers and names were accessed by a third-party last year, the company announced Friday. But so far, Uber says it knows of no misuses of the data.

Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

Eric Risberg / AP

“We are notifying impacted drivers, but we have not received any reports of actual misuse of information as a result of this incident," said Katherine Tassi, Uber's managing counsel of data protection, said in a statement.

Uber's database was accessed on May 13, 2014, but the company did not find out about the breach until four months later.

The data accessed included names and driver's license numbers of up to 50,000 drivers across several states, which the company described as “a small percentage of current and former Uber driver partners."

Mosa’ab Elshamy / AP

Uber did not disclose the potential identity of the “third party," but said a lawsuit was filed Friday “to gather information" that may lead to a confirmation.

Though no reports of “misuse" of the information has been reported so far, Uber stated it was providing affected drivers with one-year memberships to identity protection services.

Drivers were being notified Friday, and the California attorney general's office was also contacted.

Uber, which is based in San Francisco, was founded in 2009.

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9 Stories Of Women’s Struggles With Body Image

Being body positive doesn’t always extend to yourself.

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

I can remember being hyper-aware of my body as a little kid. I was 8 years old and refused to wear pants at all because I was worried about showing everyone how chubby my thighs were. Thinking back, it was kind of bizarre for an 8-year-old to feel that way. I was bullied a lot for having baby fat though, so it was something that was always on my mind.

As I grew older the obsession became more destructive. Boys started coming in to play and as a 15-year-old who still hadn't been kissed, I felt like there was something inherently wrong with me. In retrospect, I wasn't overweight at all, but whatever the scale said and whatever my doctor said weren't loud enough to counteract the little voice in my head. I started counting calories, running on the treadmill all the time. The pounds started shedding off, and, more than a physical change, I had a mental change. I considered myself victorious whenever I ate less than a thousand calories a day, and I was happy because boys in school started really paying attention to me. I couldn't stop comparing myself to everyone around me. Was I the skinniest one in the room? I picked out my “problem" areas…my arms were too chubby, my butt was too flat, my stomach wasn't toned enough, from years of horseback riding I had overly muscular legs that I was ashamed of. I even was embarrassed of my chubby little fingers.

I fought my way through two eating disorders that engrained themselves into my psyche as old friends, as a comfort zone. The turning point came when I was 21 years old. I'd been singing for a while and I realized that if I kept being unkind to my body, I would destroy my voice. Through music, through therapy, through friends, I learned that my most important job was to take care of myself. That I'm here for a reason and I need to honor that. To be honest, I'm still a little self-conscious, body image is still a soft spot for me – it's something I work at every day. But I'm happy to be here now; I dance my flat butt off every weekend and sing real loud and my voice doesn't crack or waver anymore, it's strong, it's healthy – it's drowned out all those thoughts I once had and now everyone can hear me.

Kaelin Tully

Let's get this out on the table right away. I stand at 5'9″ at typical body weight for my height. I'll also say that I feel a bit out of shape and think I could stand to lose a few pounds.

With that, it's become increasingly difficult not to compare what I look like against that super chic, fit woman on the subway – or more relative – to my closest friends and acquaintances. We're really harming ourselves, talking about how we need to lose x amount of weight; how “I want your abs," or how “you want my legs." It's so toxic and continues that abusive cycle of comparing and analyzing our bodies, poking at ourselves for things that make us who we are.

I try to remember that the way you're perceived is through the confidence with which you carry yourself. I might have too-big eyes and be too tall, and I might not be super-thin and tiny-waisted with a big booty or a slew of other clichés that fit the mold of what's societally pretty today. But the one thing that will always stay “sexy" is a woman's confidence…a woman's ambition and drive to create change in our society by being powerful.

So, I'm beautiful. You're beautiful. Don't be modest – we can change the world.

Alexandra Vucetic

I can't really remember a time when I didn't judge my body in opposition to the bodies around me. I loved gymnastics and dance growing up, but those activities required a lot of time staring straight into a mirror and judging, so I learned the difference very quickly between a “good" body and the one I had. My thighs were too big, my legs were too short, I was round where I wanted to be straight. I'd go a whole day eating nothing but baby carrots; I'd work out long before the sun rose to try to wiggle into the smallest jeans I could find.

I still do a fair amount of hating on my body and I'm not proud of it. But now, when I'm measuring how gigantic my thighs are or how short I am next to another woman, I tell myself that this is the body I've got and I owe it to myself to use it. I'm not going to get taller and I'm never going to be a twiggy model-type loping around the world (or on the TV screen, magazine covers, or at the movies for that matter.)

When I can't do it, when I'm in a place of absolute self-loathing and body hating, I try to remember that there are young girls everywhere who are listening to their moms talk about their jiggly arms or their fat thighs. I remember what it was like to hear the women around me talk about their bodies like that. I remember how terrible it felt to stand in front of the mirror and rag on myself, so I try to think of the baby feminists out there who are still growing and changing and I flip the script on the negative self-talk. They're listening, so I try to say the right thing whenever I can.

Julia Furlan

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