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10 Food Resolutions To Cook And Eat Better This Year

In 2013, we're all about more DIY lunches and less late-night pizza. Honest!

Andy and Jenny over at Dinner: A Love Story inspired us today with their charming list of New Year's resolutions, including such gems as learning to cook “a real Carbonara sauce that doesn’t taste like a Salmonella Special."

So we, the editors of BuzzFeed Food, do solemnly swear to abide by these resolutions to the best of our abilities (and appetites). THIS year will be different.


Actually pack lunch.

Actually pack lunch.

Not, like, talk about how I'm thinking about maybe one day trying to pack my lunch and bring it to work. I'M DOING THIS. THIS IS REAL.

Source: life-dreams-chocolate

Learn how to cook meat well.

Learn how to cook meat well.

Raw meat is kind of nasty and it makes me nervous. But I'm a big girl, and big girls are capable of cooking a steak when the occasion calls for it.


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