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A Stunning Photorealistic Drawing Of Beyoncé Tops The Morning Links

The full glory of Her Beyness obviously can't be reproduced with a pencil, but this is a pretty good try.

Image by Kelvin Okafor courtesy of The Daily Mail

The NYPD is being sued for handcuffing and interrogating a Bronx 7-year-old for hours over a missing $5.00. – [NYPost]

6 awesome superpowers that would suck in real life. – [Cracked]

A brief guide to the differences between President Obama’s and the Senate's immigration plans. – [TheFiscalTimes]

Génesis Rodríguez and Conan O'Brien do a telenovela scene. While she eats a turkey leg. – [TeamCoco]

$20: The price of a tablet computer that a Canadian company believes will revolutionize education in India. – [TheDailyBeast]

How do they choose the animals they send into space, anyway? – [Slate]

The identity of adorable viral superstar 'Kid President' has been revealed. Man oh man is that kid cute. – [People]

21 eerily gorgeous color photos of the Third Reich's myth-making machine. – [LIFE]

It's official: A movie version of HBO's Entourage is in the works. – [Deadline]

Headline Story: Each of artist Kelvin Okafor's stunning drawings take 80-100 hours to complete. Click through to see more! – [DailyMail]

via BuzzFeed – Latest



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