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13 Boozy Creamsicle Cocktails That Aren’t Totally Stupid

Flavored vodka is gross and lot of these use it. BUT, I’m a patriot here to serve you on National Creamsicle Day, so let’s go.

This is straight-up ridiculous.

This is straight-up ridiculous.

The above insanity is a Orange Creamsicletini made from fresh orange juice, milk or cream, WHIPPED-CREAM FLAVORED VODKA, and vanilla instant pudding mix. The problem with this drink is whipped-cream flavored vodka. Instant pudding mix is pushing it, but flavored store-bought vodka is just gross, especially when the flavor is a dairy product. (Add the dairy separately! Use fresh vanilla to get flavor!)

However, some people love flavored vodka, and they are not wrong because taste is taste. I’m a Creamsicle Enthusiast, obviously, so the drink picture above is intriguing. I would try it if it was handed to me, but I probably wouldn't make it. Here are a few I would make.

Coconut Creamsicle Margarita

Coconut Creamsicle Margarita

IDK about the coconut on the rim…

but Grand Marnier + fresh orange juice + tequila + fresh lime juice + coconut water + coconut milk + simple syrup. Nothing wrong with that. Will try. Get the recipe.

Liquid Creamsicle

Liquid Creamsicle

Whipped cream-flavored vodka + orange soda. This might immediately cause you to gain 10 pounds for a not-worth-it reason, but there's something pretty fun about the simplicity so I'd try it once — very cold. Get the recipe.

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