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What Does Your Favorite Breakfast Food Say About You?

The eggs are the window to the soul.



If bacon is your favorite, you just know what's up. People should be coming to you for advice on life's tough questions. Questions like, what should I eat? You know the answer. (Bacon.)



If a bagel is your favorite, you're basically like Beyoncé. That's just a basic fact. No one's ready for your jelly. Or cream cheese. Whatever.



If biscuits are your favorite, not only do you know how important it is to appreciate life's flakier things, you just manage to have this glow about you. The special glow only a biscuit lover can produce.

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy

If biscuits and gravy are your favorite, odds are you're pretty cool. On the cool scale there's leather jackets, motorcycles, ice cubes, and then you. You're ice cold, baby. Sorry, that felt inappropriate. But it's true!

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