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Vote Or Watch Harry Potter? 5 Ways To Get Young Brits Engaged In Politics

If politicians care about young people’s votes, they should consider these ideas.

Journalist and presenter Rick Edwards, best known for presenting T4, addressed the difficulty of getting young people to vote in a TED talk in parliament earlier this month, after he found that his girlfriend's sister chose Harry over voting during the local elections earlier this year.

1. Online voting
“Voting should be online. It's crazy that in 2015 we're expecting young people to go and queue up to tick a box on a bit of paper behind a curtain in a village hall." To those who argue that voting online is susceptible to fraud, Edwards said: “Really? You're happy to bank online, but not vote?"

2. Compulsory voting for first-time voters
“This is about forming the voting habit early."

3. A “none of the above" tickbox option
“Not voting gets ignored. But a 'none of the above' vote has to be counted and has to be taken notice of."

4. Voting advice applications
These are cards that spell out what the parties stand for. Voting advice applications are already commonplace across other countries in Europe. “I often hear from young people that they don't vote because they can't differentiate between the main parties. What people need is a place to start, which is where voter advice applications come in and provide an entry point."

5. Better representation of young people in politics
Edwards argues that we need more young people like Labour Haringey councillor Adam Jogee in politics.

You can watch him explain these ideas in more depth here:

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