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113 Thoughts We Had During Episode 4, Season 7 Of “Pretty Little Liars"

The party don’t start, ‘til Jenna walks in.


Hello. Please forgive us for missing the last two episodes. We fell asleep in the second ep, but thankfully the third episode reinvigorated our interest. So here we go again.

1. OHHH! This makes sense as to why they were digging a grave in the first episode.
2. Lmao haven't they learned though???
3. How many goddamn graves have they dug in the middle of the night over the last six seasons?
4. Hanna is gonna have a breakdown very soon. For sure.
5. Literally why can’t they still go to the police?
6. Yaaas Aria, come in with that common sense.
7. Why on earth would the people of Rosewood believe Elliot skipped town?
8. Only the girls know he’s a dirtbag, so their reasoning doesn’t exactly make sense.
9. To everyone else, he’s Alison’s loving husband and a polite British doctor.
10. Holy shit I am so here for crazy Alison looking eerie in her white hospital gown though.
11. Idk why they're so stressed about all this murder cover-up. They should be used to this.


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